Butcher Block Care
Because butcher block is naturally porous, it is very important to clean it thoroughly after each use, especially if it is being used for food preparation. A mild soap like liquid dish detergent and water works well. Dry with a towel or other soft cloth. If you prefer, use a bleach and water solution to help kill bacteria. (Mix a tablespoon of bleach with about 1 gallon of water. Keep the solution in a clearly marked bottle out of the reach of children.) You may also be able to remove stains by soaking the area with lemon juice for a few seconds. Never use a scouring pad or cleanser on wood.

Hardwood countertops used as a work surfaces and cutting boards have a *penetrating oil finish. To maintain, periodically apply the oil formulated for kitchen use by following the directions on the bottle. Treatment will be needed if the wood begins to dry out, or lightening in color- especially where pieces are glued together.

Hardwood countertops NOT used for chopping or other food preparation may have been up graded to a maintenance free Urethane coating at the time it was ordered. These surfaces do not need oil treatments. Countertops that are finished with urethane can be washed with mild soap and water, then wiped with a dry cloth. Urethane-finished hardwood is NOT to be used as a cutting surface because knifes will cause permanent damage.


NORTHERN WOODWORK MAINTENANCE AND REFURBISHING OIL for tops that may or may not be used for cutting on or a work surface.

URETHANE TOPCOAT (if upgraded to) for tops NOT used for a cutting surface or food preparation.
The type of finish you chose will depend on how you plan to use your butcher block. All tops come with TWO coats of Northern Woodwork Maintenance and Refurbishing Oil at no charge unless upgraded to URETHANE TOPCOAT maintenance free finish.